What are the benefits of having an app for a beauty salon?

1. You advertise for free!


Through your app you send push notifications straight to the home screen of your customers phones. Even if the app is closed, customers will see and read your announcements!

So you will be able to remind about your services, offers, news and encourage them to book a visit!

Reach of your posts in social networks: 5-10%

Reach of your posts in your app: 100%

2. Introduce your services!


In social networks usually is difficult to find full list of your services or your price list, sometimes such information doesn’t exist there at all. In your app you can easily publish it and have interactive functions next to it.

Your customers will find services/price list easily and will be able to recommend services they like to the others.

3. Your brand has a very high visibility!


Customers see your brand on their phones every single day at least for a few times! So your app is like free advertising stand which works 24/7 and reminds about you constantly.

4. Customers bring more customers!


Your app users will recommend your app for their friends – you will get more users and word of mouth advertising. Users will recommend you because after recommendation they will get points in the app and later they will be able to exchange those points to your prizes, gifts.

After using this recommendation system Dropbox increased their number of customers from 50 000 to 2 000 000. You will have the same recommendation system in your app.

5. You catch all of your customers who are in your vicinity!


Your app automatically sends catchy notifications to customers who cross given GPS coordinates (who are close to your beauty salon).  So you can simply say thank you and remind about yourself or invite to come to you.

6. You reduce your advertising expenses because you reach all of your customers for free!


You will reduce your advertising expenses because you won’t need to pay at all to reach your current customers.

Push notifications which are sent through your app reach 100% of users. Your message appears in the home screen of your customer’s phone. So customers read your message even if the app is closed.

*Restaurant “Pilnas Samtis” had ten times their normal turnover after using push notifications. They used it during the weekend and few times more people came to their restaurant to use special in-app offer. More about this case – Feedback

7. You greatly strengthen your image and increase reliability


Mostly just really strong and big companies have their own apps now. It is still a sign of luxury and higher class business.

Now you can also have your own prestigious interactive app and be among the greatest!

Why my customer should download my app? I never download any apps.


  • They will download because: in your app they will find special in-app offers which are valid just for your app users!

  • They will download because: in your app they will find everything they need just within one click – quick and easy.

  • They will download because: it is interesting to see what do you offer in your app and what customer can find there!

  • They will download because: in your app customers will find funny catchy game and will be able to win your prizes!

  • They will download because: you will simply announce about your app and will say that only in your app they will see special deals and offers which are valid just with your app.

Even small gifts make customers to download the app!

The number of downloads depends on your offer but practice shows that even small gifts makes people to download an app. Easy math – one download can save or bring to you 10-100£ (you don’t need to pay for advertising to reach your customer anymore, you send your offer for free through the app, customers use in-app offer spending money at your place).

Never before it was possible to be so close to your customer! An app allows you to be as close to your customer as it is possible every single day! We are always next to our smart phones. That’s why it is really worth to invest in having your own app. It is not the future anymore, it is the present. 

Special price offer for you!

100% money back guarantee!